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Atomizer Heads At Eleaf UK

We stock a wide variety of atomizer heads, including those for Wismec and Joyetech branded e-cigarettes. Eleaf atomizers offer value for money and have become known for their consistent reliability across a range of tanks.

Atomizers can provide a different vaping experience depending on which one is selected. To help make sure you get the one you need, we will explain the differences between them.

What Does An Atomizer Head Do?

Atomizer heads (often called coils) are usually small, circular pieces of steel which contain a coiled wire and cotton (known as wicking material). Atomizers are housed inside an e-cig tank and vapourise e-liquid when heated by the power from an e-cig battery.

Atomizers have a ‘resistance’ value which is measured in ohms and helps to determine the suitable power setting required to produce vapour. A different vaping experience can be achieved depending on the resistance value of your atomizer head.

High Resistance Atomizers

An atomizer head which features a resistance value of around 1.2ohm and above are generally classed as having a high resistance. High resistance atomizers require a lower power e-cig battery to function correctly, and are often found in tanks which have a more restricted draw or ‘mouth inhale’.

Examples of high resistance atomizers would be the GS and BDC options.

Low Resistance Atomizers

Usually known as ‘Sub Ohm’, atomizer heads with a resistance of 1.0ohm of below are considered to be low resistance. These types of atomizer heads require substantially more power and are often paired with high powered e-cigarette devices. Due to the amount of vapour they produce, low resistance atomizers generally have a less restricted draw allowing vapers to directly inhale the vapour.

Good examples of low resistance atomizer heads would be the EC and HW range.

Although a majority of low resistance atomizers are designed for a direct inhale, some do accommodate those who prefer a more restrictive draw. These atomizers will still produce a good amount of vapour and can be found in the GS, BFHN and NotchCoil ranges.

Whatever your preference may be, we stock an atomizer head for every e-cig on our website and more.

Still unsure about what would make the best combination? Why not contact our team on 01254 269381, or through our social media for real-time advice.