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E-cigarette Mods & Batteries At Eleaf UK

We stock a full complement of Eleaf e-cig mods and batteries, including iconic releases such as the iStick. Offering great value for money and reliable performance, our e-cig mods and batteries are well suited for a variety of vaping tasks.

There are different types of e-cig batteries and mods that are available, and below you will find a helpful break down explaining the main differences.

Integrated E-cig Batteries

These types of batteries are available in many different forms including box shaped and tubular variations, but all of them contain a built-in rechargeable battery. A majority of e-cigarettes have an integrated battery, as they are convenient and easy to use. Some of these batteries have various settings to adjust for existing vapers who wish to customise the vaping experience, whilst others are much simpler, stripping away the variable settings to leave a device which requires nothing more than the press of a button to function.

Examples of our integrated e-cig batteries include the iStick range; originally launched in 2014 it quickly became a true icon of vaping, thanks to the exceptional value for money, reliability and ease of use, the iJust range; a set of easy to use e-cigs which have been popular with both new and existing vapers alike since 2013 and the iKuu; a stylish, affordable product which is well suited to higher powered tanks and features adjustable settings.

E-cig Mods

This type of e-cigarette is very similar to an integrated battery, except these devices feature replaceable batteries. Sometimes referred to as ‘box mods’ due to a majority being this shape, e-cig mods are generally more powerful devices to help cope with sub ohm tanks and come with a host of adjustable settings to tailor the vaping experience to personal preference.

The Saurobox is a good example of an e-cig mod, and features adjustable settings, high power output and uses two removable batteries which can be charged independently, or through the device itself.

Removable E-cig Batteries

Many e-cigs now use removable batteries (or cells), which allow vapers to charge them independently from the device, meaning that with a spare set, you can simply place the drained batteries on charge whilst vaping on a fresh set. It is important to use the correct charger for these batteries to ensure safety and normal function of your e-cigarette.

The most popular removable battery is perhaps the 18650. These cells can be seen in many e-cig mods and are generally the default power source used. We do supply other sizes such as the 21700,which offers increased capacity and power when used within a compatible e-cigarette.

Still in need of advice about what e-cigarette mod or battery is best for you? Why not contact our team on 01254 269381, or through our social media for real-time advice.