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7 Item(s)

E-cigarette Tanks & Vape Pods at Eleaf UK

We stock a wide range of great value tanks which are designed and manufactured by Eleaf. E-cig tanks are the heart and soul of an e-cigarette, as they hold not only the e-liquid, but the atomizer head which produces the vapour required to deliver nicotine.

Our e-cig tanks are suitable for both new and existing vapers, but it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one will provide the right experience for you. To learn more about the types of e-cigarette tanks available to you help decide which one is best, we have broken them down into categories below:

Mouth Inhale E-cig Tanks

These e-cig tanks are usually known as ‘Mouth To Lung’ or ‘MTL’ for short. When using this type of tank, the draw is more restricted and requires produced vapour to enter the mouth first before fully inhaling, which provides a vaping experience that’s much closer to smoking. Mouth to lung tanks are usually used with higher strength or nicotine salt e-liquid and a low power battery. New and existing vapers find these e-cig tanks ideal, as they can closely mimic the sensation of smoking.

Our range of mouth inhale tanks include the GS Drive; featuring a sliding top fill system, GS Turbo; a simple and easy to use tank and the GS Baby; which utilises accurate airflow control to help customise the vaping experience.

Direct Inhale E-cig Tanks

Commonly referred to as ‘Direct Lung’ or ‘DL’ amongst vapers, these tanks usually feature a low resistance (sub ohm) atomizer head, which is best used with a high power e-cig battery. The draw is more open to allow you to inhale directly, which enables the vapour to deliver nicotine quickly. Usually used by existing vapers, direct inhale e-cig tanks should be paired with a low strength nicotine to prevent the e-liquid from feeling overly harsh on the throat. Direct inhale e-cig tanks can also produce vast amounts of vapour, which makes them favoured by those who prefer to exhale large clouds.

Examples of direct inhale tanks include the ELLO Duro; a sliding top fill system with mesh atomizer options, iJust ECM; a great value tank with economical atomizers and the MELO 4; a sliding top fill tank that’s easy to use.

Vape Pods

Vape pods have become popular thanks to their easy to use, hassle-free approach to vaping. They are ideal for use with most e-liquids, and are also used quite often as a convenient way to vape nic salts. Vape pods require little maintenance and new vapers often find them to be an ideal introduction to e-cigarettes.

We supply replacement pods for the Elven and iWũ devices.

If you still need advice about what e-cig tank is best for you, why not contact our team on 01254 269381, or through social media for real-time advice.