E-liquid Facts

Frequently Asked E-liquid Questions.

Here at Eleaf UK we stock a range of UK manufactured e-liquid. On a daily basis our technical team field questions that are passed through our customer services team regarding our e-liquids, these take priority to be answered with a detailed, informative response.

Our Product & Technical team has extensive scientific and engineering experience, combined with high specification analytical facilities at our UK e-liquid manufacturing site. This investment and wide-ranging experience allows us to establish comprehensive technical data sets for each e-liquid product we supply to you. This has in turn enabled us to fully comply with The Tobacco and Related Product Regulations 2016.

Below are some of the frequently asked e-liquid questions that our Product & Technical team has received. The list is not intended to be comprehensive, nor is it in any particular order of frequency or importance. We hope you find it informative, and please keep the questions coming!

Has it been proven that flavoured e-liquids produce toxic levels of aldehydes?

No, definitely not! One study, accompanied by a grossly irresponsible press release, made headlines in some national newspapers late in 2016. The data presented was contradictory with other peer-reviewed scientific papers on e-cigarette emissions for flavoured e-liquid. Our own emission testing programme, which has included over 100 flavour combinations, also completely contradicts this study. We suspect the data set will not be reproducible by any other research group, and no validation of the data has been forthcoming. Dr Farsalinos, the eminent e-cigarette researcher, has obtained funding to precisely recreate this study to ascertain its validity. It should also be noted that this report was based on a select few USA manufactured e-liquids, for which we have no indication on the quality systems used in their manufacture.

E-liquids supplied by Eleaf UK contain alcohol (ethanol)

When we ask if a product contains alcohol we are usually referring to the type we enjoy to drink (ethanol). There are other types of chemicals that can be used as flavour ingredients that are correctly described as “alcohols” in terms of their chemistry, but are not intoxicating in the same way as ethanol.

Ethanol is included at very low levels as a flavour enhancer (approx. 0.1 % w/w) in Titus Tobacco, but is not present in any other TECC Titus or Funk'd flavours at quantifiable levels.

TECC Titan e-liquids do not contain alcohol (above trace levels).

Should I vape when suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?

COPD is a condition that most commonly affects middle-aged or older adults who smoke or who have smoked. Breathing problems tend to get worse over time and can limit normal activities. The most effective treatment for COPD is to stop smoking. The best way for you to achieve this can only be determined following consultation with your GP and/or relevant healthcare professional.

Do e-liquids supplied by Eleaf UK contain diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or acetoin?

Our quality control system ensures all e-liquids products (UK and international) are free from diacetyl,   acetyl propionyl, and acetoin (to established limit of quantification). We make this unequivocal guarantee to our customers. Please refer to the Totally Wicked Vaped magazine online article entitled “Diacetyl and Popcorn lung: Should vapers be concerned?” for more information.

Do e-liquids supplied by Eleaf UK contain sugar?

No. The two most common types of sugar in our diets are refined and fruit sugars, known as sucrose and fructose. Sucrose is the type of granulated sugar we use to sweeten coffee or bake cakes but it is not present as a flavour enhancer in any of our e-liquids. Some confectionary type flavours contain synthetic flavour enhancers maltol and ethyl maltol, but not refined sugar. Lactose is another type of disaccharide sugar that you may be familiar with as it is present in milk. Lactose is not used as an ingredient in any of our e-liquid products.

Are e-liquids supplied by Eleaf UK suitable for diabetics?

We can assure you that our e-liquid does not contain free sugar, the type associated with high blood sugar and diabetes. Free sugars are any sugars added to food or drink, or found naturally in fruit juices, honey, and syrups. If you have any further concerns then we would advise you to consult your GP and/or healthcare professional.

Are e-liquids Supplied by Eleaf UK suitable for vegans?

Our vegetable glycerine is derived from rapeseed, flavours are synthetic, and propylene glycol is a synthetic product which is not derived from any animal-related ingredient. This means no animal products or by-products are used in their manufacture. Therefore we can state that our e-liquid is suitable for vegan/vegetarian customers.

Does glycerine (VG) contain alcohol or animal fats?

Our UK supplied vegetable glycerine is derived from rapeseed, hence the name vegetable glycerine. Our internationally supplied e-liquid products contain glycerine derived from soya bean. Manufactured glycerine can be derived from animal fat, consequently, you would be correct to ask this question. We only use vegetable glycerine in our e-liquid products. All vegetable glycerine formulated in our products is pharmaceutical grade and contains no alcohol.

Do e-liquids supplied by Eleaf UK contain caffeine?

We do not, and are, by regulation not allowed to add caffeine to any UK manufactured e-liquid. Caffeine is not an ingredient in any of our internationally manufactured e-liquid. 

Do e-liquid flavours supplied by Eleaf UK contain traces of nuts or nut oils?

Our flavour ingredients are produced only at Nut-Free Sites, and none of the materials used in their flavourings contain nuts or substances derived from nuts. This most pertinently applies to the Funk'd 'I Love PB' flavoured e-liquid (Peanut butter).

Airway allergy advice: Do e-liquids supplied by Eleaf UK contain sulphites?

Based on the information disclosed to Eleaf UK for TRPR 2016, we can state our e-liquid do not contain sulphites.

Why is there occasional variation in flavoured e-liquid colour between batches?

There are several explanations for this observation, and they do not compromise the quality of the e-liquid product. The first is that higher concentration nicotine (e.g. 1.8 %) can slightly darken the colour of the e-liquid product, especially after storage at room temperature. This is an expected chemical process, one we have quantified in the lab, and has no impact on the product specification. The second explanation is that from time to time, a flavour concentrate that we purchase will vary in colour between each batch. For example, tobacco flavour concentrate exhibits slight colour variation between batches. One batch can be a straw yellow and the next will be a light brown. This colour variation is a result of the formulation process used by flavour manufacturers, and is accounted for in their own product specification. It has no impact on flavour quality, and our own internal QC checks are applied to each.